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Chapter 3 Resources
  for Web Applications: Concepts and Real World Design
Chapter 3 Downloads
All of the Source files for the examples in Chapter 3 as a zipped archive.

PowerPoint overview for Chapter 3. Go here if you need to know more about downloading PowerPoint files.

The downloads page contains links you can use to download the files for all the chapters in the book in one zipped archive.
Extra Resources for Chapter 3
Look here when Chapter 3 of the book mentions something extra to be found on the web site.

Javascript Resources:
The sites below have all sorts of free, pre-written scripts to do fancy things in Web pages. By reading the documentation, it is usually not too hard to get them working in your own pages.
The Devedge JavaScript site is a great rescource for the study of advanced JavaScript and DHTML programming.

Javascript Debugger:
We have found that the JavaScript error reporting consoles in Explorer and (especially) Netscape are sufficient for most JavaScript debugging needs. Please see the Debugging Scripts subsection in Section 3.2 of the text for how to use those. However, Mozilla's Venkman Debugger is a full-featured debugger similar to what you are used to in a JAVA IDE, for example. Devedge has good article about the debugger.