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Chapter 7 Resources
  for Web Applications: Concepts and Real World Design
Chapter 7 Downloads
All of the Source files for the examples in Chapter 7 as a zipped archive.

PowerPoint overview (part a) and PowerPoint overview (part b) for Chapter 7. Go here if you need to know more about downloading PowerPoint files.

The downloads page contains links you can use to download the files for all the chapters in the book in one zipped archive.
Extra Resources for Chapter 7
Look here when Chapter 7 of the book mentions something extra to be found on the web site.

CGI Library:
Here are the final versions of the toolkit functions as developed in Chapter 7 for state and logon related tasks. The file is formatted so that you can require it in a program and use it as an external function library. Note that this file is also supplied for download with the source code archives.

Hack Me:
Here is the hackable version of the admin.cgi program as promised by the boxed note near the beginning of Section 7.8. The verification of logged on state has been removed from the &add_user function. That means you can hack the application, bypassing the &initial_logon function. Remember, any function exposed in the application logic should be protected if it is to be private!

Session Timeout:
Here is a version of the admin.cgi program which uses the final version of the &read_state function from section 7.8. Sessions are set to time out after 1 minute so that you can easily see the effect of the session timeout feature.