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Chapter 2 Resources
  for Web Applications: Concepts and Real World Design
Chapter 2 Downloads
All of the Source files for the examples in Chapter 2 as a zipped archive.

PowerPoint overview for Chapter 2. Go here if you need to know more about downloading PowerPoint files.

The downloads page contains links you can use to download the files for all the chapters in the book in one zipped archive.
Extra Resources for Chapter 2
Look here when Chapter 2 of the book mentions something extra to be found on the web site.

HTML Character Codes:
These character codes are used to produce unusual characters in Web pages or to escape the meaning of normal keyboard characters.

Intelligent Text Editors:
You can do everything in the book using minimal text editors such as Notepad (Win) or SimpleText (Mac). However, features like syntax coloring and smart indentation control really make the more "intelligent" text editors very handy if you write a lot of code in various languages. These days, they also feature HTML tools.

HTML-Kit (Win) is impressive, with a plugin available to aid in coding in most any language. And it's free!
Crimson (Win) is nice, as I've been told by my students. It's free ... and I know that's nice!
TextPad (Win) (free version) gets the job done nicely, as I've been told by my students. I'm not sure how many more bells and whistles the $30 version has.
BBEdit (Mac) from Bare Bones Software is really good if you write a lot of code on a Macintosh. It can even work in conjunction with the MacPerl environment. Most of the screen shots in the book showing code are BBEdit windows. The free version expires after a few launches, but the Pro version, although pricey, has been well worth the money I spent on it.

How monitor resolution widths of tablular layouts for Web pages:
This page contains both old and recent statistics on resolutions of computer monitors and how major commercial web sites design their page layouts accordingly.

HTML Basics:
Here is Appendix A on HTML basics in Adobe's PDF format.